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Tsukihime will be re-released as a remake

With the arrival of the Animax channel on the then coveted cable, we otaku got a window into many anime series that we had never seen before. Among them was Tsukihime, a story of vampires, romance and violence that marked the adolescence of many young otaku. The protagonist, Shiki Tohno, possesses an ability that allows him to see the mortal lines of every living being and object in the world. With this power, Shiki joins forces with the enigmatic vampire Arcueid Brunestud to stop a powerful vampire who has decided to lay waste to the city.


At that time, no one knew that this series had its origin not in a manga, but in a type of video game known as a visual novel. The game format consists of advancing through the plot making decisions and interacting with the other characters. The scenes are made up of colorful illustrations with abundant text in the form of dialogues and containing the options that the player will have to consider before progressing. Depending on the course taken, various endings can be unlocked, one of the hallmarks of visual novels.


Tsukihime is part of the complex universe created by the developer Type-Moon, also responsible for the Fate franchise. The game was originally released in 2000, being adapted to anime and manga in 2003. Later, rumors spread that the game would be remastered but there was no news. Until December 31, 2020.


With a trailer it was revealed that Tsukihime would return as a remake, with updated graphics and drawings and an animated opening that the Persona franchise would envy (courtesy of the Ufotable studio and singer ReoNa). The remake will be released in Japan during the summer season of 2021, on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. No gameplay or plans to bring it to the PC have been revealed yet, although it is very likely that will happen, as the original game was released for computers.

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